*Short-stay absence requests for the Holiday season (Dec 19-Jan 4) must be submitted no later than December 15th, 2020.

*For Long-Term Care Homes located in public health unit regions that are in Orange (Restrict), Red (Control) or Grey (Lockdown) levels, short-stay absences are suspended except for medical or compassionate reasons. 

*In the event of an outbreak on a unit, short-stay absences will be suspended.

Based on new Ministry guidelines, our
Short-Stay Absence policy has changed.

All families looking to take their loved one out for a short-stay absence must submit a request to the Centre and await approval prior to each outing.

To make your request, please contact 613- 933-6040 ext. 22370 for Complex Continuing Care and 613-933-6040 ext. 21215 for Long-Term Care; Monday to Friday anytime between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. 

Short-Stay Absences

Residents are now permitted to leave SJCCC’s property for a short-stay absence. A short stay absence does not include an overnight stay, with the exception of a single-night Emergency Department visit* (see below). Upon return to the Centre, residents will be actively screened but are NOT required to be tested for Covid-19 or to self-isolate. 

Residents will be provided with a medical mask to be worn at all times when outside SJCCC (if tolerated) and reminded about the importance of Public Health measures including physical distancing.

*Emergency Department (ED) visits that take place over a single night (e.g., assessment and discharge from the ED span one overnight period) should also be considered equivalent to an outpatient medical visit that does not require testing or self-isolation upon return. 


  • Any short-stay absence must occur off of the SJCCC property.
  • The resident or substitute decision-maker must make an absence request. The request must be reviewed and approved for all non-medical absence requests based on a case-by-case risk assessment considering, but not limited to, the following: 
    • SJCCC’s ability to support self-isolation for 14 days upon the resident’s return (if applicable). 
    • Local disease transmission and activity. 
    • The risk associated with the planned activities that will be undertaken by the resident while away from SJCCC. 
    • The resident’s ability to comply with local and provincial policies/bylaws. 
  • Visitors must follow the recommendations of Public Health Ontario for the duration of the resident/patient absence including wearing a mask, social distancing, practising good hand hygiene, etc.
  • No drop-ins. 
  • Residents/Patients must wear a surgical/procedural mask for the duration of the short-stay absence (if tolerated).
  • Residents/patients will be required to sign in and out at the front screening desk and will be actively screened upon return.