Where applicable, a person is fully immunized against COVID-19 if:

  • They have received the total required number of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada (e.g., both doses of a two-dose vaccine series, or one dose of a single-dose vaccine series); and
  • They received their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days ago.


Visitation at SJCCC

As of May 22, 2021, Outdoor General Visitation is permitted at SJCCC.

Pre-booking will allow us to safely porter, plan and facilitate visitation. We request bookings to be made 24 hours in advance. Please see below in BLUE for new updates.

Important details to know for Outdoor General Visits:

  • A resident/patient may have up to two (2) general visitors at a time.
  • Essential (Designated) caregivers can also be present during these visits (1 at a time).
    • This means that a resident/patient may see up to three (3) visitors at one time.
      • Children under the age of two (2) do not count towards the number of general visitors and are not required to wear masks/face coverings.
  • Outdoor general visitation is permitted in the immediate area of the home: this includes Lamoureux Park and/or other outdoor areas within the immediate area.
  • Outdoor general visitation can occur both off and on SJCCC’s property (in the immediate area of the Home).
  • Outdoor general visitation is open 7 days/week from 1030- 1830.
  • All general visitors need to enter the Centre to be actively screened, and the resident/patient will be portered to them.
  • For the duration of their visit, general visitors MUST:
    • wear a mask/face covering that covers the nose, mouth, and chin
    • practice physical distancing (See update below.)
  • Food and/or drink is not permitted during the visit.
  • Residents/patients should be encouraged to wear a mask for the duration of their visit (as tolerated).
  • General visitors are responsible for signing out the resident/patient at the beginning of their visit and signing the resident/patient in upon their return to SJCCC.
  • General visitors are responsible for the wellbeing of the resident/patient while on their scheduled outdoor general visit. If at any time the resident/patient becomes unwell during your visit, please return them to the Centre immediately or call 911 in case of an emergency.

Update as of  June 9, 2021

  • An indoor visit (maximum 1 visitor) for residents who have mobility limitations or health conditions that make outdoor visits highly unlikely or impossible may be permitted (factors unrelated to weather) regardless of vaccination status.  This requires pre-booking/authorization and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

If you and the resident/patient that you are visiting is fully vaccinated you may now:

  • Choose to have close physical contact and touch (e.g hugging, holding hands) beyond what is required for care and supervision. No eye protection required.

***Remember that you must have your medical mask and practice regular hand hygiene at all times.

If you and the resident/patient that you are visiting is partially/non vaccinated you may now:

  • Participate in a brief hug and physical distance at all other times.

***Remember that you must have your medical mask, eye protection and practice regular hand hygiene at all times.

Please note: Outdoor General Visitations are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. When possible, please coordinate with other family members/friends who plan to visit your loved one to ensure everyone is allotted their time. Visitations that are double-booked will need to be rescheduled. Weather will be monitored and your visitation may have to be rescheduled. You will be contacted if so.  

Prior to your first visit, we ask that you review these posters:

Hand Hygiene


Physical Distancing

For more information about General Outdoor Visitation at SJCCC, please contact Katie Payette at 613-933-6040 ext. 21143.

To book your visit, please visit: https://sjvisits.youcanbook.me/