Indoor General Visitation

For more information, for LTC please contact Andrea Secord at 613-933-6040 ext. 22106.

For more information, for HDH/Rehabilitation please contact Amelie Gove at 613-933-6040 ext. 22370.


Important details to know for Indoor General Visits:

  • General visitors, regardless of vaccination status are permitted to visit the Centre. 
  • Indoor General Visitation is permitted in the resident room and other designated areas.
  • Indoor General Visitation is available 7 days/week from 0900 – 2100. 
  • We encourage all visitors to review public health recommendations upon entry, which include hand hygiene and masking. 
  • Residents/patients should also be encouraged to wear a mask for the duration of their visit, as tolerated.
  • Indoor General visitors are responsible for the well-being of the resident/patient while on their scheduled indoor general visit. If at any time the resident/patient becomes unwell during your visit, please ring the call bell for assistance. 
  • If you choose to spend time outdoors on Centre property, if at any time the resident/patient becomes unwell during your visit, please return them to the Centre immediately or call 911 in case of an emergency.

St. Joseph’s Villa- Long-Term Care

  • Please sign in using the Visitor Log at the main entrance.
  • Please note that masks are still recommended for the duration of your visit, but are not required.
  • Indoor General Visitation is suspended when a resident/patient is in isolation or the Home/Unit area is in a declared outbreak. – Long-Term Care, or as directed by public health.

Educational Information (To be reviewed frequently)






COVID-19: Indoor Visitation (General Visitor)