Current Outbreaks:

As of April 16, 2024 the respiratory outbreak has been closed on McNeil and Albert house.

As of April 11, 2024, a respiratory outbreak has been declared on Mantle house.


During periods of outbreak…

  • Although visitation remains in effect during periods of outbreak, we encouraged families to avoid non-essential visits. Visitors are required to wear a mask on an affected unit and wear appropriate personal protective equipment as indicated outside designated rooms.
  • Hand hygiene is the most important measure we all can take! It protects, our residents/patients, staff and visitors and stops the spread. Please ensure you are washing your hands on arrival, on departure, before sharing a meal, and after contact with a resident/patient.
  • Social isolation is a great concern and very negatively affects your loved ones. All attempts to maintain normalcy are made while keeping your loved one safe. Group activities will be adjusted during an outbreak and restricted based on individual cases.
  • Staff continue to diligently monitor residents/patients for the onset of symptoms to be placed on precautions as soon as symptoms develop.

COVID-19: Information & FAQs

What precautions are St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre taking to keep my loved one safe?

  • Enhanced masking requirements began November 7, 2023 to protect our staff and residents during peak season for respiratory viruses, including Covid-19.
    • All staff, students and volunteers are required to wear a mask in resident areas indoors.
    • Visitors are strongly recommended to wear a mask when visiting their loved ones while in common resident areas indoors. This would include all areas on the units and when in close proximity to any resident. Masks are not required while in private room of resident you are visiting, or when eating or drinking.  Visitors are welcome and encouraged to participate in activities and/or enjoy a meal with their loved ones. Masks are strongly recommended for these instances unless eating or drinking with the resident.

How can families get an update on their loved ones?

Families who are unsuccessful in reaching the nursing station for an update on their loved ones may contact the office of Patient/Resident and Family Relations at 613-933-6040 x 22370 (CCC) or ext. 22106 (LTC). Families may leave a message on the confidential voicemail and expect a return call within 24 hours of reception (Monday to Friday).

Please note: Our nurses and doctors continue to ensure prompt communication with families in the event of a significant change in medical condition during these times.

Can families take their loved ones home?

Discharges to private homes are still being permitted. Therefore, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre may have your loved one discharged in your care during an outbreak; however, re-admission to the Centre will be provided on a priority basis through the Champlain LHIN, once the restrictions are lifted. For more information, please click HERE.

How can families help support St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre?

There are many ways that families can help support our Centre. First and foremost, please continue to assist our staff in presenting a united front when it comes to following Public Health recommendations and restrictions.

COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus)