The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 17 May 2022.  The Annual Meeting of the Board was held immediately prior to the regular meeting (see Governance Committee section).

MORE THAN WORDS: LAND ACKNOWLEDGMENT BY LEFFE VIDEO Video link will be emailed to all the Board Members. Discussion will be had at the next Board of Directors meeting. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Response – An email from a resident’s family member was shared with the Board of Directors. The email was acknowledged. Thorough discussion was had. Although the Board of Directors understand the frustrations and concerns, the Board and the Centre continue to stand by their decision to keep the current vaccination policies in place at this time. 

Risk Management Plan 2021-2022 – Noted. 

Management Goals and Objectives 2022-23 – Discussed the proposed goals and priorities for the year 2022-2023 prepared by the Leadership and Partnerships Team. The goals and priorities will be updated after the Strategic Planning Session in the fall of 2022. 

Good News – Upgrades to the south parking lot.

Miscellaneous Policy Approval – The Board of Directors approved Corporate Policy #3-a-30 re Health and Safety Policy as reviewed. 

Census Data – Waiting list is the highest it’s ever been.

Pre-operative Admissions – The Board of Directors approved that Hotel Dieu Hospital move toward the practice of admitting pre-op patients and that this process be relooked at in 6 months.

Champlain Health Care Ethics – Ethics Symposium – One Board Member attended the April Ethics Symposium. A recording will be shared with the Board of Directors. The recording is called The Divide Between Western Health Care and Traditional Medicine: Using the CFPC CanMeds Indigenous Supplement to Improve Competency. Discussion will be had at the next Board of Directors meeting. Suggested reaching out to the physician in the video from Akwesasne to present to the Board of Directors.

Policy Review – The Board of Directors approved Board of Directors policy #2-a-15 re Ethics and Mission Committee as reviewed.

Sister Cuddihy expressed that she has been very touched by the efforts that have gone into recognizing and acknowledging the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph’s (RHSJ) 125th anniversary and the Sisters.

Management Fiduciary Statement – The Management Fiduciary Statement for the month of March 2022 was approved by the Board of Directors.

Statement of Administrative Responsibility – Noted.  This document will be sent to the
Members of the Corporation for information.

Draft Audited Financial Statements – The Audited Financial Statements for the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph of Cornwall, Ontario: St. Joseph’s Villa; Hotel Dieu Hospital; and the Consolidated Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2022 were presented and are recommended to the Members of the Corporation for approval.

Audit Findings Report – This document was approved by the Board of Directors and referred to the Members of the Corporation for information.

Audit Committee Annual Workplan – Updated to show that the COLA increase be completed in June. The Board of Directors approved the revised Audit Committee
Annual Workplan.

An award was presented to Mrs. Vincelli in appreciation of her 50 years of volunteer service. Mrs. Vincelli was thanked for her gift of time and commitment to SJCCC’s Mission.

Board Member / Committee Member / Officers Appointment – In preparation for the Annual Meeting, the Committee made recommendations regarding appointment and reappointment of Directors including Officers (Mr. Paul Desnoyers, Chairperson, Mr. Mathieu Despatie, Vice-chairperson and Ms. Elizabeth MacLennan, Secretary-Treasurer) and Ex-officio Members. These recommendations were subsequently recommended at the Annual Meeting to the Members of the Corporation for approval.

Annual Reports – Annual reports from the Chairperson, Executive Director, Medical Director of Long-Term Care, Chairperson of the Comprehensive Planning, Finance and Personnel Relations Committee, Chairperson of the Ethics and Mission Committee, Chairperson of the Quality Improvement / Safety Committee and Chairperson of the Public Relations and Branding Committee were presented, approved and forwarded to the Members of the Corporation.

“Horizon of Hope” Video Video was shared with the Board of Directors. 

The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, 28 June 2022 at noon via video conference due to COVID-19.

Summary of the May 2022 Board of Directors Meetings (Regular and Annual)