The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 03 December 2019.

ADMINISTRATION REPORT – Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire’s report included SJCCC’s Evacuation Exercise (in Long-Term Care (LTC) on Kane House completed in 3 and a half minutes), Staff Education Days (included informing the employees about the Bed Rail Reduction Program and initiating the vision statement contest) and Census Data.  Also discussed:

Bed Rail Reduction Program – Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire discussed the Bed Rail Reduction Program and what St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre (SJCCC) has accomplished so far.  A request will be sent to the Ministry requesting an extension to complete the bed rail compliance order.

Good News – The Auxiliary Bishop Desrochers will be celebrating the Advent Mass with SJCCC on 13 December 2019.  Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire invited all the Board members.

Over thirty entries were submitted for the “Create our Vision Statement” contest.  The judges included family members of patients and residents, Board members, Staff and Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph (RHSJ) members.  Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire brought the top five visions to the Board of Directors.


Financial Statements – The statements were reviewed.  The Board of Directors approved the Financial Statements for the period ended 31 October as presented.

Management Fiduciary Statement The Board of Directors approved the Management Fiduciary Statement for October 2019.


New Policy “Serious Adverse Drug Reaction or Medical Device Incident Reporting for Hospital” There is a new policy which will become effective shortly.  The policy will require all hospitals to report all serious adverse drug reactions and medication device incidents to Health Canada.  A policy has been written in accordance with this new legislation.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – The Governance Educational Opportunities were circulated to the Board of Directors for information.

The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 07 January 2020 at noon in the Boardroom.

Summary of the December 2019 Board of Directors Meeting