The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 12 May 2020.  The Annual Meeting of the Board was held immediately after the regular meeting.

ADMINISTRATION REPORT – Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire’s report included:  Update on Covid-19, Risk Management Review 2019-2020, Management Goals and Objectives 2020-21, Good News Item (A beautiful letter from a resident’s family member) and Census Data.  Also discussed:

Policy Reviewed – Corporate policy #3-a-30 re Health and Safety Policy was approved as reviewed.

The Board of Directors approved the report from Administration, including the Management Goals and Objectives for 2020-21.

Annual Workplan – The revised Ethics and Mission Committee Annual Workplan was approved.

Management Fiduciary Statement – The Board of Directors approved the Management Fiduciary Statement for March 2020.

Statement of Administrative Responsibility – Noted.  This document will be sent to the Members of the Corporation for information.

Audited Financial Statements – The Audited Financial Statements for the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph of Cornwall, Ontario:  St. Joseph’s Villa; Hotel Dieu Hospital; and the Consolidated Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2020 were presented and will be recommended to the Members of the Corporation for approval.

Audit Committee Workplan – The Board of Directors reviewed the new Audit Committee Workplan and approved it.

Audit Findings Report – This document was noted by the Board of Directors and referred to the Members of the Corporation for information.

Nurses Week – During Nurses Week, the Auxiliary Members usually greet the nurses at a table to show their appreciation.  This year, due to the pandemic and not having access to the building, the Auxiliary decided to disperse the perishable items in the gift shop such as chocolate bars and chips to the nurses’ stations for the nurses to show their appreciation.

Evaluations – The Board of Directors reviewed the Board Chairperson Evaluation, the Board Committee Chairperson Evaluation and the Board Self-Assessment Tool.  All three evaluations were approved by the Board of Directors.

Policy Revised – Board of Directors policy #2-a-15 re Ethics and Mission Committee was approved as revised.

Administrative Bylaws – It was approved by the Board of Directors and recommended to the Members of the Corporation that the current Administration Bylaws under Ethics and Mission Committee section 4.13 a) be changed to The Committee shall:  Be comprised of not more than twelve (12) members appointed by the Board.

Board Member / Committee Member / Officers Appointment – In preparation for the Annual Meeting, the Committee made recommendations regarding appointments and reappointment of Directors including Officers (Mr. Paul Desnoyers, Chairperson and Mr. Mathieu Despatie, Vice-chairperson), and Ex-officio Members, as well as changes to some Board Committees.  These recommendations were subsequently recommended at the Annual Meeting to the Members of the Corporation for approval.  Annual reports from the Chairperson, Executive Director, and Medical Directors Dr. Patel and Dr. Foley were also presented, approved and forwarded to the Members of the Corporation.  Note: Mrs. Laperle, Board Member, will not be renewing her term.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – The Governance Educational Opportunities were circulated to the Board of Directors for information.

ANNUAL WORKPLAN – The May workplan schedule was reviewed.

The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, 02 June 2020 at noon via video conference.

Summary of the May 2020 Board of Directors Meeting (Regular and Annual)