The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 10 January 2023.

Membership Response re Administrative Bylaws (up to 12 Directors)                      Approved (verbal)
Membership Response re Mrs. Anne Vincelli – Regular Board Member                  Approved (verbal)
Membership Response re Budgets PENDING.
Membership Response re New Bishop’s Representative PENDING.
Membership Response re Dr. Sally Grant – Regular Board Member PENDING.

Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire’s report included: Remote Care Monitoring (successfully transferred all patients from the Vivify to Atonix platform), Staff Hub, City of Cornwall (Senior Housing), Channel 46 (possibility of offering the Channel 46 program to Marie de la Ferre (MDLF) tenants), Vaccination (policy compliance), Bill 124 Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019, Good News Item (festivities during the holiday season at SJCCC) and Census Data. Also discussed:

Policy Approval
-3-a-20 Disagreement with a Physician’s / Nurse Practitioner’s Orders

The Board of Directors approved the following policy as reviewed:

-Board of Directors #2-a-4 re Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) – It was discussed at the last Ethics and Mission Committee meeting how to include people of all different religions during the holiday season. It was recommended by the Ethics and Mission Committee to reach out to Mr. David Levangie to organize a session including the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team to discuss inclusivity within the Centre. Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire is currently in touch with Mr. Levangie.

Mrs. Vincelli presented her report dated 29 December 2022. It was a very sad day as the Auxiliary to St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre came to an end. Mrs. Vincelli reminisced about the history and accomplishments over the years of the Sisters and The Auxiliary. The Auxiliary made a final donation to the Centre. Mr. Desnoyers and Mrs. Lafrance-Allaire thanked all of the Auxiliary members for their hard work throughout the years. They hope that Auxiliary members will continue to volunteer at the Centre and interact with patients and residents. The Centre is very thankful for their final donation. 

Budget 2023-2024 – The Fiscal Advisory Committee met to review next year’s budget for Hotel Dieu Hospital and recommended its approval to the Board of Directors.  (The 2023-24 Budget was previously approved at the Board of Directors meeting held 06 December 2022. )

Policy to Review
The Board of Directors approved the following policy as reviewed:

-Board of Directors #2-a-28 re Fiscal Advisory Committee

New Board Member – Ms. Rayanne Gazdar – The Governance Committee members who interviewed the candidate, Ms. Rayanne Gazdar, for the vacant Board of Directors position were all very impressed and believe that Ms. Gazdar would be a great addition to the Board.

The Board of Directors recommended to the Members of the Corporation the appointment of Ms. Rayanne Gazdar to the Board of Directors for a three-year term.     

New Board Member – Dr. Sally Grant – Three-year term. 

Board of Directors Policies to Review/Revise
The Board of Directors approved the following policies as revised with two additional changes discussed to policy 2-a-30.

-Board of Directors policy #2-a-30 re Policy on Open Board Meetings
-Board of Directors policy #2-a-35 re Board of Directors Annual Evaluation 

It was requested to discuss in-person meetings at the next Governance Committee meeting. This topic will be added to the next Governance agenda. 

Standing Item: Annual Workplan – The workplan for the month of January was reviewed.

Standing Item: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
The Directors of the Board were referred to an EDI ressource of Catholic Health Alliance of Canada. 

As discussed in the Ethics and Mission Committee section, the Board of Directors and the Leadership and Partnerships Team will be invited to participate in a EDI session with Mr. David Levangie. Date to be determined. 

Standing Item: Policies to be Reviewed by the Board of Directors – Reviewed.


The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 February 2023 at 1200 hours via video conference due to COVID-19.

Summary of the January 2023 Board of Directors Meeting