The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 02 December 2014.

Membership Response re Administrative Bylaw Amendments; and French Language Services Designation of Four Additional Services – As indicated in a memorandum from Dr. Robert Stewart, President of the Corporation, the Members of the Corporation have approved these recommendations made by the Board of Directors.

Mrs. Ruest’s report included information on Flu Vaccination, Outbreak on Quinn House (concluded 28 November 2014), Good News Item (visit by Cornwall Rotary Club), and Census data. Also discussed were:

Fire Emergency Exercise – A fire and evacuation exercise was carried out by the Centre on 21 November 2014. The exercise reflected minimum staffing in the building, as required by the Ontario Fire Marshal. The scenario was a fire in a resident room on Kane House, Long-Term Care Level 3 East, at 0200 hours. The time required to evacuate 30 residents from the fire origin on Kane House to the point of safety was less than seven minutes. The subsequent vertical evacuation of the residents down two floors to Jeanne Mance Hall took 28 minutes. The calculated maximum evacuation time for our building in such a situation is 80 minutes. Nursing students and instructors from St. Lawrence College participated as “residents” or observers. Representation from the Cornwall Fire Department was also present.

Balanced Scorecard — The scorecard data for the second quarter ending 30 September 2014 was favourable with no significant concerns. Statistics for the Resident/Patient Satisfaction Survey were included.

QI Initiatives – Work to reduce the use of antipsychotics continues and the goal is to have our risk-adjusted rate in line with the national average.

Safety – The Annual Safety Inspection was conducted in August by the Public Services Health and Safety Association. We have received a positive verbal report and expect the written report will be available soon. The inspection must be conducted annually in order to be in compliance with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation standards.

CARF Accreditation – We have submitted our intent to survey and we expect to be surveyed in March or April 2015.

Management Fiduciary Statement – The Board of Directors approved the Management Fiduciary Statement for the month of October 2014.

Update on Redevelopment Project – Demo Plus started demolition on the building at 27 York Street on 24 November 2014 and it is anticipated it will be completed by mid December. The redevelopment is expected to be completed in the spring. The new parking lot will have 113 parking spots.

Financial Statements – Mr. Desnoyers reviewed the financial statements. He noted there were not many variances for the month. We are still waiting for confirmation of 2014/15 funding for the hospital operation. Meanwhile, the Hospital Annual Planning Submission (HAPS) must be submitted by 15 January 2015. The Board of Directors approved the Financial Statements for the Seven Months Ended 31 October 2014 as presented.

Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) – As recommended by the MAC, the Terms of Reference for the Profession Advisory Committee were recommended by the Board to the Members of the Corporation for approval along with the necessary Medical Staff Bylaw revisions.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – The Centre’s Education Calendar for December 2014 and Governance educational opportunities were circulated to the Board of Directors for information.

The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 at noon in the Boardroom.

Report from the Board (December 2014)