The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 07 April 2015.

Membership Response to Board re Medical Staff Bylaw Amendments: Change to Professional Advisory Committee – The Members of the Corporation corresponded on 27 February 2015 that they have sanctioned and confirmed the Medical Staff Bylaw amendments recommended by the Board of Directors pertaining to the Professional Advisory Committee.

Strategic Planning Session / Missioning Day – This day will be held 29 May 2015.

Mrs. Ruest’s report included information on Management Goals and Objectives – 2014-2015 (review of), French Language Services (Designation Plan recommended by Champlain Local Health Integration Network’s Board), Member of Provincial Parliament, Jim McDonell, visit to our Centre (on March 13th), Good News Items (1-donation of $25,000 to Centre by Auxiliary; 2-Sister Rosalia Cobey Award Recipient for 2015 was Mrs. Wendy MacInnis, Director of Nursing in Complex Continuing Care, and the runner-up was Mrs. Shawna Vivarais, Recreation Programmer in Long-Term Care), and Census data. Also discussed:

Management Goals 2015-2016 – Mrs. Ruest explained the proposed Management Goals for 2015-2016, as recommended by the Leadership and Partnerships Team. These were approved by the Board of Directors.

Mrs. MacInnis noted that there is much information (live data, comparators) at the nurses’ fingertips as a result of the new dashboard set up at each nursing unit.

Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (HSAA) – The Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has provided an amending agreement to our HSAA, extending the terms and conditions of the existing agreement to 31 March 2016. Mrs. Ruest reviewed the schedules, indicating areas where our Centre has performance indicators. The HSAA’s funding allocation ties in with the budget. The Board of Directors approved a motion that the HSAA 2008-2016 be signed.

Long-Term Care Service Accountability Agreement (LSAA) – Completion of Schedule E – Form of Compliance Declaration is an annual requirement under the LSAA with the Champlain LHIN. Our Centre is in compliance with the requirements. The Board approved a motion that the Form of Compliance Declaration be signed.

Critical Incident Analysis 2014 – As a result of ongoing efforts, the restraint statistics continue to decline.

Quality Improvement (QI) Plan – 2015-2016 – A QI Plan for Complex Continuing Care (CCC) and for Long-Term Care (LTC) was circulated with the minutes. The Board of Directors approved both plans for 2015-2016 as presented.

Update on Redevelopment of 27 York Street – The zoning amendment application has been approved by the City of Cornwall. The next step is the site plan control application which is being reviewed by HSP Engineering prior to submission to the City.

Financial Statements (Jan. and Feb. 2015) – A slight surplus at year end is anticipated for Long-Term Care. Sick time has increased in both operations. Management has been asked to analyze comparators. The Attendance Management policy is being updated. The January and February 2015 Financial Statements for the months ending 31 January 2015 and 28 February 2015 were approved as presented.

Corporate Procurement Policy – There were no changes in the Approval Authority Schedule. The policy was revised to exclude the appendices which are available in the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive. The Board approved the policy as presented.

Recommendation of Auditor – The Board of Directors recommended to the Members of the Corporation the appointment of KPMG as the Centre’s auditors for the fiscal period 2015-16.

Management Fiduciary Statement – The Management Fiduciary Statement for the months of January and February 2015 were approved by the Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting – The Auxiliary held its Annual Meeting on March 19th. Service certificates were awarded for every five years of volunteering. Twenty-seven certificates from 10 years to 60 years of service and a Life Membership to Mrs. Monique Vigeant were distributed.

Donation – The Auxiliary presented to Mrs. Ruest a donation of $25,000, to be used for the purchase of dining room furniture for Level 3 in Long-Term Care and electric beds with bed exit packages.

Spring Conference – Cornwall Community Hospital will host this event at the Best Western Parkway Inn on 15 April 2015.

Garage Sale – The Auxiliary’s Annual Garage and Bake Sale will be held Saturday, 02 May 2015 at Ste-Therese de Lisieux Parish Hall.

Medical Staff Reapplications – The Board of Directors approved the reappointment of Drs. Foley and Patel to the Medical Staff for 2015, as was recommended by the Professional Advisory Committee.

Quality Improvement Plans – The PAC reviewed the Centre’s QI Plan for Complex Continuing Care and for Long-Term Care.

Accreditation – Work is well underway for the upcoming accreditation. Members of the PAC confirmed their availability to meet with the CARF Surveyors on April 27th and 28th.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – The Centre’s Education Calendar for April 2015 and Governance educational opportunities were circulated to the Board of Directors for information.

The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, 19 May 2015 at noon in the Boardroom.

Board of Directors (April 2015)