Congratulations to Kim Gillet (Director of Care, Long-Term Care), recipient of the Sister Rosalia Cobey Award for 2016; and to Amanda Lavigne (Adjuvant, Long-Term Care), the runner-up! Father Dumoulin presented the awards to Kim and Amanda at the ceremony held yesterday at 1400 hours in Jeanne Mance Hall. Both recipients are invited to attend the Annual Conference of the Catholic Health Association of Ontario which will be held in Toronto in October 2016. In addition, Kim has received a tablet and one year of free parking.

Father Raymond Dumoulin opened the afternoon with an inspirational prayer. Bonnie Ruest, Executive Director, was Master of Ceremonies.

During the ceremony, the nomination for each was read. These have been printed below. Each nominee was then presented with a pin by their nominators and Bonnie Ruest.

We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our Centre who emulate Sister Cobey while providing compassionate care to so many. Thank you to the staff who made the nominations. Your recognition and efforts are greatly appreciated.

* * *

– Kim Gillet, Director of Care, Long-Term Care –

It is with great admiration that we nominate Kim Gillet for the Sister Rosalia Cobey Award.

Over Kim’s almost 30-year career, it cannot be overlooked that she is a true product of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph. Kim started her career as an RN on the floors of “St. Joe’s Villa” and evolved to the role of Director of Care with guidance and much influence from “the Sisters”.

Today’s ever-changing world in health care has brought rules and regulations to Long-Term Care that did not exist in its infancy. The demands of Kim’s role are unseen by many. SJCCC can always be confident that first and foremost, Kim has the best interest of the residents, staff and organization in mind as she is faced with the demands of things like legislation and accreditation and the quality of our work.

As a dedicated wife, mother of four, and grandmother of four, Kim has a very busy family life. Her youngest son has ongoing health concerns – she is passionate and determined to find answers all while making life as “normal as possible”. Despite this, Kim comes to work every day and is always there to offer help to others, listen and provide wise advice.

Kim has developed a style and compassion for her work and family life that strongly emulates that of Sister Rosalia Cobey.

As mentioned about Sister Cobey, when she was recipient of the Catholic Health Association of Canada Citation Award, in 1991, “still water runs deep and beneath the surface lies the unexpected”. Kim also is “a woman who few realize has been a guiding force”.

Kim’s experiences over the years have provided her with prophetic abilities: she remains determined, is forward-thinking, versatile, and thorough all while remaining empathetic, resident-focussed and humble to her true abilities.

Sister Cobey was also praised for her “quick mind, her keen analytical and problem-solving skills”. The same can be said of Kim.

Please accept this nomination for Ms. Kim Gillet to receive the Sister Rosalia Cobey Award.

Nominated by: Wendy MacInnis, Shivon Konink, Lynn Theriault,
Patricia Denis, Charlene Andrews, Karen Dewar and Amélie Gove

* * *

– Amanda Lavigne, Adjuvant, Long-Term Care –

We have nominated Amanda Lavigne for the Sister Rosalia Cobey Award.

Amanda is a dedicated mother, wife and valued team member who demonstrates on a daily basis the qualities that Sister Rosalia Cobey exemplified. She balances a busy worklife schedule with laughter and joy and demonstrates daily her caring nature to both residents/families/volunteers and co-workers.

Amanda has been an employee at SJCCC since 2007 and has worked in several different capacities. This has proven to be an asset because it allows her to bring many dimensions and innovation to her delivery of care. She has spent the years getting to know the residents and staff and finds great importance in nurturing those relationships.

Amanda is a new member to the Therapies Department and took on the role of Adjuvant in May of 2015. It has been a pleasure getting to know Amanda. She comes in to work each morning with a smile on her face and a witty sense of humour. Amanda has a special and unique relationship with each resident she works with. She is kind, compassionate and caring. She puts the needs of the residents first and truly believes in resident-centred care. Amanda prides herself in providing quality care programmes to our residents and delivering them with dignity and with a true desire to meet each person’s individual care needs.

We feel that Amanda goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She is always striving to make sure that her residents get the therapy they need and the genuine listening ear that they deserve. Amanda is empathetic, and demonstrates her passion and commitment to the values of the organization and that of hard work. We feel that she understands and adds extreme value to the “culture” at SJCCC.

Amanda is willing to take on new challenges and strives for excellence. She has continued to develop her skill set and is always looking for new opportunities to take new courses and grow both personally and professionally.

Amanda is a self-described “SJCCC lifer” and is dedicated to the organization and all those we serve. She is a champion for our residents and shares her experiences and successes with positivity, making sure that each important message is passed onto the entire team!

We proudly nominate Amanda for this honour.

Nominated by: Trudy Riviere, Melanie Plourde and Leesa McNally

* * *

Sister Rosalia Cobey Award 2016