The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 01 April 2014. Ms. Juliette Payette, 2014-2015 President of the Auxiliary, was welcomed to her first meeting. The following matters were discussed:


Thank You Card from Fry Family re Death of Mr. Arthur John (Jack) Fry, Former Executive Director – Ms. Cindy Fry and Family thanked the Board of Directors for the flowers sent at the time of their father’s death.


Mrs. Ruest’s report included Ontario Regulation 150/13 under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, Health-based Allocation Model (H-BAM), Accountability Legislation, Ontario Budget 2014, and Census data. Also discussed were:

Resignation of Dr. Shah – Dr. Shah has resigned from the Medical Staff. The Board of Directors accepted Dr. Shah’s resignation, with regret.

Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (HSAA) – The present HSAA expired 31 March 2014. The Board of Directors approved a motion that Mrs. Ruest and Ms. Adams, Vice-chairperson, sign an Extension Agreement of the HSAA Agreement for the period 01 April 2014 to 30 June 2014 in order to allow the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to continue to fund our operations during this time until the 2014-15 funding allocations are known.

Second Annual Volunteer of Excellence Award – Mrs. Ruest announced this year’s recipient of the 2014 Catholic Health International Volunteer of Excellence Award: Ms. Gloria Hoggett. The award will be presented on April 9th at the Volunteers’ Tea.


Quality Improvement (QI) Plan 2014/15 — Mrs. Ruest reviewed the QI Plan in detail and responded to questions. She noted that the Centre has set meaningful goals, and executive compensation (up to five percent) can be clawed back if the targets are not achieved. At present, the Centre is already high-performing in many areas, making it challenging to improve on these numbers. The QI Plan 2014/15 was approved.


Redevelopment of Land – The Board of Directors approved a motion that the Centre move forward with a Request for Proposal for professional services required for the redevelopment of 27 York Street.

Financial Statements – Mr. Desnoyers reviewed the financial position of the Centre. Both operations are very close to budget. The Board of Directors approved the Financial Statements for the period ending 28 February 2014.

Hospital Accountability Planning Submission (HAPS) 2014-15 – This document reflects the detailed Operating Plan for Complex Continuing Care which will inform the Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (HSAA). The Board of Directors approved the 2014-15 Hospital Annual Planning Submission (HAPS) as presented, and that it be submitted to the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

Management Fiduciary Statement – The Board of Directors approved the Management Fiduciary Statement for February 2014.


Ms. Payette highlighted the following items of her report: Annual Meeting, 2014 Executive of Auxiliary, Garage Sale, and Spring Convention.


Medical Staff Reapplications – Drs. Bazile, Faizer, Gatien and Mr. Turcotte were reappointed to the medical staff for 2014. The MAC accepted Dr. Shah’s resignation.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – The Education Calendar for April 2014 was circulated to the Board of Directors for information. Also e-mailed to Board Members were governance education sessions.

Report from the Board (April 2014)